Dr. John

After a severe car accident at the age of 13 and the injuries endured, it was expressed via a MD that Dr. John would possibly not be an active athlete from that point forward.  Not long after, Dr. John made the choice to receive Chiropractic care, in turn was able to compete in several athletic sports and the nervous system was functioning optimally. From that point forward he knew the direction his life was heading……Chiropractic.

Dr. John has worked for several Chiropractors over the years providing the humble essence as a clinician. He is making it a priority to reach out to his community and participate in their preventative and proactive lifestyles. Dr John takes care of a wide spectrum of patients; from newborns to the elderly, athletes and those that want to maintain true health and wellness.

Dr. John and Dr. Rachael practice together and offer a well rounded approach to health for the entire community. In returning to Statesboro, where he obtained his undergrad (GSU), Dr. John is enthusiastic to re-establish his roots and relationships.

New Life Hours

  • Monday9:00 - 6:30*
  • Tuesday9:00 - 6:30*
  • Wednesday9:00 - 12:30
  • Thursday9:00 - 6:30*
  • FridayBY APPT ONLY
  • SaturdayBY APPT ONLY
  • Sunday-- - Closed- --
*Closed 12:30p to 3:00p for Lunch

Dr. Rachael

After years of debilitating headaches and low back pain, Chiropractic care was the only avenue that was successful for Dr. Rachael. While under Chiropractic care, she obtained a position working as a Chiropractic assistant. She witnessed many lives changed through Chiropractic, and in the mean time realized that it is not just about low back pain and headaches. She gained the cognizance that people can live an optimal healthy life by making sure the nervous system is functioning 100% through specific advanced Chiropractic routine care.

Since graduating from Life University in 2009, Dr. Rachael has taken care of patients aging from ten minutes old to 95 years old. She has seen chiropractic at work with ADHD, infertility, asthma and colic amongst many other conditions and ailments. Growing up in a similar town in PA (Allentown), it was an easy transition to bring chiropractic and her family to the place that now feels like home; Statesboro, Georgia.

The New Life Difference

1. Our signature healthcare method is state of the art, extremely effective and safe. It corrects and balances the central nervous system (brain and body) more efficiently than any other Chiropractic method.

2. Our examination process is proprietary. No other practitioner performs this in-depth process, in the manner in which we do, to get to the cause of your problem quickly and efficiently.

3. We perform a stress response evaluation (SRE) because the research from Stanford University has proven 95% of symptoms, pains and diagnoses are STRESS induced. Meaning only 5% is caused genetically. The SRE, implemented via the Neuroinfiniti includes an EEG, HRV, heart rate, skin conductance, hand temperature, respiration rate and SEMG. This allows the doctors to diagnostically qualify every patient by virtue of causation.

4. We don’t stop there. We also take hospital grade digital x-rays. We do not advocate getting Chiropractic care from any chiropractor who has not first seen an x-ray of your spine. The only exceptions to this rule are pregnancy and young children.

5. We accept most insurances including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, united health care, auto accident and Worker’s Comp and several others. We are also in network with Medicare. We also offer payment plans, give discounts for family members and except all major credit cards.

6. We design each care plan specifically for each patient’s health care needs. We also offer discounts on our cash care plans.

7. Our doctors understand that your health is your greatest asset. This method, via causation, affords the patient to proactively take control of their health and activate the greatest physician, the one inside of them..........INNATE!

8. Our approach to your health is well tested, high tech, highly effective, safe and backed by 30+ years of neuroscience research. We are your key to unlock and increase the brains capacity to adapt to the stressors of life, (physical, chemical & emotional) creating balance within the central nervous system (brain & body) allowing ultimate healing. So if you or a loved one are suffering from any number of difficult health problems we are here to help. Simply call 912-681-7746 to schedule your New Life today.