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Dr. Rachael Templeton and Dr. John Templeton are highly respected chiropractors providing quality Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care to the Statesboro and greater Southeast Georgia region. Our approach to peak performance care is easy. We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions and your greatest asset. While many of our patients contact us because of a specific health problem we also offer outstanding peak performance care to maintain quality of life for years.

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    How do you MEASURE UP?
    True health is the body's ability to respond appropriately to its environment. Period. Our Stress Response Evaluation can tell you just that.

    Tap Into Your Best Self

    Unlike programs that merely calm or soothe, BrainTap helps restore your brain’s natural balance so you can feel relaxed, rebooted and revitalized anytime, anywhere.


    In 20 stress-free minutes a day you can achieve ultimate relaxation.


    Our scientifically-proven approach balances your mind in a way that can transform your life.


    Choose from over 400 targeted audio programs designed to help you unlock vitality and peak performance.

    We Call It Braintapping

    Braintapping is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize by simply optimizing your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere.

    Backed by neuroscience and research, braintapping is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges.

    Want to know more about YOU?

    Ultimate Recovery

    The Ultimate Recovery Experience.  The NormaTec PULSE 2.0 brings you cutting-edge connectivity and powerful result in a compact modern system that travels well and is built to last.

    NormaTec gives you fresh legs faster, helps you warm up pre-workout, and optimizes your recovery post-training and competition. Increase circulation, reduce pain and soreness, rejuvenate muscles, and accelerate recovery.

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    Ask Yourself...

    Do I only want to deal with my symptoms,

    Or do I want to address the cause?

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    Encouraging Family Health

    At New Life Chiropractic, we have dedicated ourselves to being an advocate for the health and peak performance care of our community through advanced Neurologically Based Chiropractic care.  We are not merely well-qualified physicians... we are your personal peak performance care cheerleaders.

    Crisis Care

    When many people seek care in our practice they have one goal: pain relief. So that’s where we most often start. During this initial stage of care, we have several commitments:

    • Uncover the underlying cause of your problem
    • Recommend a care plan to produce the most efficient results possible
    • Offer ways you can actively participate in your improvement and recovery
    • Explain the value of post-symptom peak performance care

    Transitional Care

    Transitional care is that moment when you are not feeling symptoms, but not in the stage of peak performance. You may feel symptoms from time to time, but staying on a regular care plan with regular adjustments, along with bio feedback and neurological feedback; you can catapult your health into the peak performance stage. The time frame within this phase can take more dedication to your care due to the fact we are no longer relying on the presence or lack of symptoms, rather tracking along toward peak performance via function through a re-stress response evaluations.

    Peak Performance Care

    We take pride in offering the finest peak performance Neurologically Based Chiropractic care available. Our ultimate goal is to help you and your family to achieve and to maintain optimal health. We are dedicated to educating you about the many benefits of our natural, drug and surgery-free method of health care. Thousands of hours of advanced training, and more than 10 years of clinical experience combined with cutting edge technology, analysis and digital x-ray techniques enable us to help a wide range of health challenges that impede naturally healthy living.

    We encourage our patients to achieve the highest levels of health they possibly can. Through educational opportunities like this website, we hope to communicate the value of Neurologically Based Chiropractic care. Our desire is to see our patients take a second look at the prevailing sickness healthcare model (waiting for symptoms to occur and then taking action). We encourage all of our patients to consider the emerging peak performance care model of health and to proactively take steps to improve your state of health and then to maintain peak performance. Regardless of your health goals our job is to offer you the finest neurologically based Chiropractic care possible.

    Did you know?
    Due to technological advances, Chiropractic care has been able to evolve to become more specific and beneficial for brain health. Now, we can evaluate your brain health

    Payment & Insurance

    We accept most insurances including Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Health Care, auto accident and worker’s comp insurance. We are in network with Medicare. We also offer payment plans, give discounts for family members and accept all major credit cards.

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